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Help Me Make It Through The Night Acordes

Tammy Wynette


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Help Me Make It Through The Night

	   D                              G 
  Take the ribbons from my hair 
 D                             G 
  Shake it loose and let it fall 
  Em                 A7 
  layin soft upon my skin 
  like the shadows on the wall 
 D                             G 
  come and lay down by ny side 
 D                         G 
  till the early morning light  
  Em                     A7 
  all im taking is your time 
                                D  G, 
  help me make it through the night  
   D                           G 
    I dont care hows right or wrong 
    I dont try to understand 
    let the devil take tommorrow 
    lord tonight i need a friend 
         3rd verse" 
   D                           G 
    yesterday is dead and gone 
   D                       G 
    and tommorrow's out of sight 
    Em                A7 
    and its sad to be alone  
                                D     G D 
    help me make it through the night 
             Repeat the chorus: 

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