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Tammy Cochran

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If You Can

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	  G               G7 
Are you awake?  Are you asleep? 
     C                       Cm 
It's hard to tell with your back to me 
G               E7             A7         D7 
Turn around and face me if you can 
G                           G7   C              Cm 
Are you afraid what I might see, if you should look at me  
G                  D7          C       Bm - Am - G 
Now tell me, about her if you can 
G           C              D7                 G          
If you can look me in the eye and say we're over 
           Em                A7       D7 
If you can kiss my lips and feel no fire inside 
           C             D7             G                Em 
If you can hold my body close and still say you love her most  
             G               D7           C - Bm - Am - G 
Then you can walk out of my life If You Can 
G          G7            C                 Cm 
Everyone makes mistakes, tell me she's the one you made 
G                    Em           A7             D7 
And I'll forgive and I'll forget, If You Can 
G              G7                         C            Cm 
Who was right and who was wrong, doesn't matter if the love is gone 
G                D7                 C       Bm - Am - G 
Honey, I'll keep holding on If You Can 
Repeat Chorus 
G                       D7           C           Bm - Am- G 
You can walk out of my life If You Can 


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