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Suzy Bogguss

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Outbound Plane

Outbound Plane 
         (E - B - A - B - E) REPEAT TWICE 
         I don't want to be standing here 
                   B               A 
         With this ticket for this outbound plane 
         'Cause I've been here before 
                 B              A 
         But somehow it doesn't feel the same 
         E                          B              A 
         Talk is cheap, so we could talk all night long 
         E                            B                   A 
         We may never figure out just where our love went wrong 
         I don't wanna be standin' here 
         And I don't wanna be talkin' here 
             F#m                          B 
         And I don't really care who's to blame 
                   E          B          A        Abm 
         'Cause if love won't fly on its own free will 
                   F#m        B        E 
         Its gonna catch that outbound plane 
         E                              B       A 
         The old folks say loves not forever anymore 
         E                          B 
         Because these young people walk away 
         From love alone, to pace the floor 
         E                       B                 A 
         Young or old I say that love is still the same 
         And you may walk away from love 
                         B             A 
         But you'll fall head and heel again 
         (Repeat CHORUS) 
         A                         Abm 
         Two lonely hearts in this aiport knowing 
         F#m                      B 
         Neither cares where that other heart is going 
                E          B          A        Abm 
         But if love won't fly on its own free will 
                   F#m        B        E 
         Its gonna catch that outbound plane 
         That crown you're wearin' 
                      B           A 
         Is just your halo turned upside down 
         E                             B 
         Where is the laughter we once shared 
         Back in the lost and found 
         E                            B 
         These broken wings are gonna leave me here 
         To stand my ground 
         You can have this ticket 
                  B                  A 
         For that lonely plane thats flyin' out 
         (Repeat CHORUS & Tag) 


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