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Oh Darling

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	  C                 C7                                            G     G# 
Oh darling, will you ever change your mind 
Am                                   C          
I've been feeling left behind 
G/B              Am 
        Like a shadow in your light 

G G# Am  - Am Bb Bm7 

C                C7                                           G   G# 
Ah honey won't you say that I'm the one 
Am                                             C 
And if you think you're gonna run 
G/B           Am 
        Well you know 

                  G           G#       Am 
I'm gonna be around you, all about you 
C                            G 
Always by your side 
G                                              Am 
I'm gonna dream about you, scheme about you 
C                            G 
Love you all the time, 
I'm gonna catch you lady 
Am                                C 
Catch you lady 

The news is all over town 
You better not let me down 
G                                                            G# 
Keep telling me you're feeling good 
As good as you ever could 
Please tell me that you'll never go 
G/B       Am 
                           Ah ah no no 

G G# Am  - Am Bb Bm7 

C                 C7                                            G     G# 
Ah lately, I'm like a watch that's overwound 
Am                                   C          
And I've got both feet off the ground 
G/B         Am 
                         Because you see 

                  G           G#       Am 
I'm gonna be so busy, oh my pretty 
C                                 G 
Love you night and day 
And through the rain and shine 
I'll make you mine 
C                                     G 
I'll love you come what may 
                        G                     Am 
I'm gonna catch you lady, catch you lady 
C                                    G 
Catch you lady uh huh 

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