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I believe in you Acordes




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I believe in you

Áño: 1988 - Álbum: In God We Trust

	  Eb    Eb4     Eb          G# 
Time seems to pass me by 
   G#     Bb    Cm    Bb            Ab 
I found myself alone,    wondering why 
Eb  Eb4    Eb      G# 
You came into my life 
    G#        Bb      Cm 
And gave your love to me 
You are the one 
To show me the way 
In my heart, you'll stay 

          Eb         Bb/D 
And I believe in you 
       Cm                 Cm  Bb      
Whoa through and through 
G#           Eb             C#   C# Cm 
Always and forever, it will be 
Bb             Eb 
You and me, together 
Cm Bb       G#      Bb 
I want your love, forever 
Cm Bb       G# 
I need your love 
        Bb Cm  Cm7+      Cm7        Cm6 
You're the only one that fills my heart 
      G#        Bb                   B 
And I love you, more and more every day 

      E          B/D# 
I believe in you 
        C#m                C#m B 
Whoa, through and through 
A             E             D   
Always and forever, it will be 
D  C#m     B  
You    and me 
        E           B/D# 
I will sing to you 
    C#m               B 
And all you dooooooo 
A             E             D  C#m 
Always and forever, it will be 
B             C#m    B  A 
You and me, together 
B     C# 
U u u uuu... 


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