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I Got You

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VERSO D I got you F But it?s the craving for the good life D That sees me through trouble times F When my mind begins to wander to the spoon E And I got you C E Because you?re there to bend and nurture me through these Troubled times C ?Cause the fix begins to twist my troubled mind Refrão B F# And I got you to paint the sorrow on my day A E B And I got you and I got you to paint the roses on my grave B B B A And I got you B B B A All the slippin' that I slap me B B B A I got you, I got you F# All the slippin' that I slap me I got you But it?s the feeling that I get when you?re away Twist my mind ?cause when I?m alone and cold, I fell like dyin? And I got you to fill the craving that I get inside my mind When you?re there to fill the space I have inside, I feel like cryin? _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: **Filipe**([email protected])

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