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You Belong To Me Acordes

Steve Earle

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You Belong To Me

Lately, I been feelin' a little uneasy, so I run straight home to you 
It's been cold as hell, and you just can't tell, what a girl might do 
  D                                       G                      D 
I made a whole lotta promises, baby, but, none of my dreams came true 
And it's you that paid, and I'm so afraid, that I'm losin' you 

G D But, you belong to me, you belong to me G D You belong to me, me, baby, me
D Now your mama said that you could do better than me, baby, I know that's true A You believed me instead, that every word I said, and I did too D G D Now, everyday's a little bit hotter out there, and no matter what I do A I could carry the world on my shoulders, girl, long as I got you Repeat Chorus Twice Bridge A G Well, my shining armor's rustin' and worn, there's a heart inside here, trustin' and sworn to you A C Just tell me baby, what I need to do, I could win you over again, if you want me to Repeat Chorus (minus 2nd part of 1st line) / Break Repeat Bridge / Repeat Chorus G D 5X - You belong to me, me, baby, me

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