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Intro: G  C9  Em  Dsus2 (2x)
You are perfect as you are 
Your eyes are the brightest 
As you dance in the slowest 
That motion can become. 

To be near you I resign 
And underneath the radiant smiles 
Of perkiness that leaves me 
Defenseless as I stare 


Am        C 
I might need a little more courage 
I'm just waiting 
           C                 Am 
For the universe to show me 
How to steal you from the sky 

C9 You will be the most regal Em And towering in this room Dsus2 I'm still be the luckiest guy G Here with you. And you could come C9 Through a room Em With your delicate grace Dsus2 Take the scented guy G This embrace.
C9 Em Dsus2 G You are luminescent always C9 Your heels are the highest Em As you brighten the slightest Dsus2 Like a spectacle of light. (Repeat Refrain and Chorus) Oh... Bridge: Em There's a fine line G Between pauses and delays Em In everything we say C9 I'll take it everyday, I know I can. Em And if the night sky G Should light the night I see Em I'll make my way beyond the dark Dsus2 I'll be fine. (Repeat Chorus 2x) G And if in case C9 The most abstract Em Of color fades away Dsus2 I'm still be thankful for you each day. G C9 Em Dsus2 Oh, oh. Dsus2 I'm still be thankful for you each day. Oh, oh. G I'll be fine.

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