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Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee



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God and man

	  In the beginning there was just god 
so god made man in his own image 
a little image there really 
man has gone, my god how great ain´t that 
and to show man his great power 
they played a game 
Sonny I`ll play the part of man 
And you play the part of god 
(I´ve got to call you then) 

D                                                G 
God and man played out in the sea 
            A                G                     D 
god go man, now man don´t you be 
  D                                                          G 
man counted to ten and then looked around 
          A                         G                    D 
but god is nowhere, nowhere to be found 

(ha ha ha, keep lookin´ man) 
man looked on the mountain 
he looked cross the sea 

(he can´t find me) 
       A                             G                    D 
looked in the stars, in the sky, in the trees  

D                                                                  G 
he looked in the wind, in the sun, on the ground 

(a foolish man) 
          A                             G                      D 
but god was nowhere, nowhere to be found 

(hu hu hu hu) 
 D                                                               G 
so man made an image and he gave it a name 

(ain´t that a shame) 
              A                                  G               D 
but this man made god wrote nothing but pain 

  D                                                           G 
man´s got shouting:  god what can you be 
          A                 G                 D 
(I´m right here man and fly the bea ) 
 D                                                                G  
oh man was so shocked, he was really surprised 

(ha ha ha ha ) 
                      A                       G                      D  
cause he looked everywhere, right there beside 
  D                                                G 
now man found god, man found love 

(you better believe it) 
          A                            G                      D 
and man found out what we all are made of 

(everywhere, everywhere) 

  D                                      G 
god is in you and god is in me 
        A                             G         D 
to love all the god is to love humanity 

(you better believe it, ha ha ha ) 
  D                                      G 
god is in you and god is in me 
        A                             G         D 
to love all the god is to love humanity 

(that´s right) 
   D                                              G 
now god is in you and god is in me 
        A                             G         D 
and to love all the god is to love humanity 


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