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Real Love

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Dadd9          A           Dadd9       A 
Fall into the century on a supersonic cross 
Dadd9            A          D 
Blessed she in aching silence- eternal loss 
Dadd9                  A         Dadd9            A 
Calling out "I won't surrender." A locket of her hair 
Dadd9                  A       D              Bm 
Sympathize her pious pleasures. Go down the stairs  

Bm      F#m   Em        
into the dark again 
D       F#m   Em         G 
To feel alive again, and wait for 
Dsus9  D  
Real   love 
F#m      Em 
Or is it me you're after 
Is it time? 
Because it's now or never 
Real love 
Real love forever 
Real love 

Born of the fallen chain 
Into a world sustained with sorrow 
Real love 
A real touch we speak in 
Is it lies. 
Or is what we're seeking 
Real love 

Dadd9          A                      Dadd9       A 
In the eyes. Behold and you'll find the 21st century 
Dadd9          A         D 
Detonate her will and her widowed speech 
Dadd9          A              Dadd9             A 
Buried in the backyard shadow: The rusty coffee tin 
    Dadd9                A            D          Bm 
That held her mother's first kiss in a nameless dream 

Bm            F#m   Em        
Fall down the stairs again 
D        F#m   Em          G 
To feel alive again, it's tommorow 
Dsus D 
Real love 
F#m      Em 
Or is it me you're after 
Is it time 
Cause it's now or never 
Real love 
Real love forever 
Is it love 
Or just yours to treasure 
Real love 
Real love 
Real love 

We never listen 
D     F#m 
Real love will listen 

And tell of a fortune 
Real love is riches 

Scratch through the changes 
Real love is nameless 

So tired and hopeless 
Real love is painless 

Nobody mentions 
We ever move to collect 

The solar questions 
Demon scorn should not relax 
Em           F#m       D Em D Em D Em 
The laws of gravity 
Real Love 

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