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Black White

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Capo en el 2º traste

Am        G 
You hope, I see 
Am     G 
A glow blinding 
Am       G 
Diamonds shining 
Am            G 
On and on and on and on 

F Am Yeah, I'm pouring colour F D On your black and white disguise F Am G Yeah, it's like seeing the world D For the first time
(Repeart verse chords) You hope, I see A glow blinding Where you have gone? Was it too long To fall in line? Let it go on I was so wrong To waste your time To waste your time Chorus x2 Bridge
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Am e--0------0---------| (listen to the song for timing and variants in rhythm) B----1---------1----| G------2---------2--| D-------------------| A-------------------| E-------------------|
Am G C G (whoa whoa) Am G C Yeah, it's like seeing the world G For the first time Am G D (let ring) Yeah, it's like seeing the world For the first time Outro F Am F D F Am G D Am (let ring) It's like seeing the world for the first time

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