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Dont Mind If I Do Acordes

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Dont Mind If I Do

D          Bm Bbm Am           D9 
Weather man          says it's rainin' again 
G                 Gm      C9 
Perfect night for stayin' in 
D          Bm   E                       A7   Aaug 
Lookin' at you  I don't doubt that it's true 
          D         Bm Bbm Am 
And did I hear you say? 
Baby, put on a smile 
G                       Gm     C9 
Kick your shoes off and stay a while 
            D            Bm 
Well, since you asked me to 
E       A         D 
I don't mind if I do 

Am D Am D That ol' clock can just tick off the wall G I ain't worried 'bout the time at all E A7 Long as I'm makin' time with you Aaug And holdin' you tight D Bm Bbm Am D9 Dim light, Opry radio G Gm C9 I'll whisper, "Baby, I love you so" D Bm And since you want me to E A7 D I don't mind if I do.
D Bm Just as long as it's you Babe E A D I don't mind if I do

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