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Close To You

Áño: 1999 - Álbum: Love and the Russian Winter

Tono:  Em Más
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	  Intro: Em Am Em Am 

This land is real, real as the next man
this land is there for all to see 
you’re standing there so cold and calm 
you stand so close to me!...
    D            C
And you out there can keep away 
        C                Em
there’s nothing owed to you: 
Em                               Am                   Em Am
all I want is to lose myself and stay so close to you.
Em                                            Am
The river is cruel its pipes are sprayed with long forgotten names
Em                                     Am
big boys now with kids whose lives will never feel the same. 
   D                  C
If you out there don’t get what I say, there’s nothing owed 
to you, 
Em                                Am                  Em  Am
to feel that way is born inside no matter what you do. 
I wonder how my fortune fell 
     Em           Bm
when everything began to melt 
the case I had for wasting that 
that never came 
  Bm          Am C   Em
I want to walk away again!! 
Am C   Em
Away again!!
Am C   Em
Away again!! Em C D Em ( INSTRUMENTAL – REPETE 6x ) Em  Am  Em  Am 
Em                         Am
There to wonder how those things will never be 
Em                               Am
searching for that grand illusion fools have called the key. 
   D                  C              C                   
If you don’t care just keep away, how can I give hope to 
Em                               Am
Nearer now are both our futures, me, our hearts and you 
        Em                               Am
and yet all I want is to lose myself and stay so close to 
Em            Am      D        Em   Am   Em
All I want is stay so close to you!...

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