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Back to you

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Intro:  G Bm F D   

G                        Bm   
Jealous hearts are wild, oh so wild   
F             D  
Like a raging storm   
G                       Bm  
Jealous hearts are blue, oh so blue   
F                       D  
When all the dreams are gone  
Cm                    G   
Maybe we were born to lick honey from a thorn   
Em                   D  
But I don't think it's true at all   
G                       Bm   
Jealous hearts are high, oh so high   
F           D  
On emotions oh yeah   
G                       Bm  
Jealous hearts are deep, oh so deep   
Cm                 D  
Deep like an ocean oh yeah   
Cm                          Bm  
May be we were lost without feelings in a dust   
Gm                    D  
But I'll be there the day I'll fall-   
G Em Wherever I go (wherever I go) G Em Wherever I go (wherever I go) G Em Wherever I go (wherever I go) C Am Cm D The road takes me home to you
A Segunda parte e a mesma coisa Yeah, yeah Cm There's a lonely guy Bm Who's sitting on a cloud F G Who only wants to be with you

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