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Verona Acordes

Saves The Day



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B After the end when he F#/Bb B tells her he loves her B She promises not to let F#/Bb Eb/G G#m B(hold) go They hold on to hope
verse 1: G#m B It all begins with the end E Eb/G Everything started within G#m B One or two seconds of a siren E Sounding over city limits Eb/G G#m singing Wind over water B E whipping A hurricane Eb/G head long lifting A G#m tidal wave inland B E tipping Was the Eb/G final early warning and
E B After the end when he F# E tells her he loves her E B She promises not to let F# G#m B(hold) go They hold on to hope
verse 2: G#m Before the ending B E began Bottom lines and broken budgets Eb/G G#m Dead ends All the early signs B are in the writing E Catastrophic changes Eb/G in the offing G#m Radical callers kept B E lines tied up at Eb/G radio stations G#m Argument or B conversation E Cut quick to Eb/G commercial nation (Repeat Chorus 2) Guitar Solo: G#m B E Eb/G x2 verse 3: G#m Welcome to the B dawning of a new age E Headline in 1953 Eb/G full page G#m President is B speaking at the U.N. E Preaching of the Eb/G promise of our progress G#m Atomic piece of mind E from a radioactive Eb/G G#m life line Millennia B in the making E Eb/G utopiannihilation Chorus 3: B and After the end when he F#/Bb B tells her he loves her B She promises not to let F#/Bb Eb/G G#m(hold) go They hold on to hope

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