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The Choke

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Db F Bbm Gb 
D F Db F Db Gb Db 
F Db Gb Fm Gb Db 

F          Fm 
Don't leave yet 
Gb                              Fm 
it's still early and I haven't even said a word 
Gb Db                       F Fm             Gb 
and I'm hoping that I might upset you by saying what I want to 
Ebm                           Ab                Gb  Db 
'cause it's not like you don't know I've fallen for you 
  Ab            Gb                           Ebm 
but it's in my head and that's where you can't see it 
                   Gb         Ab Gb Db     Bbm  Gb         Ebm 
and I thought that maybe if I had to bite the tips of my fingers 
I could stumble over words 
             Ab      Db                     Fm 
and tell you just how far before I hit the ground 
Ab               Gb                  Fm              Gb  Db 
and I'm the type to think of all the wrong things to say 
           Fm      Bbm  Gb      Ab                   Bbm 
and I will shut myself up and I'll never come out- 
Ab                               Gb 
I'll close all my doors and only show you the black spots 
where my eyes once were- 
I can say this- 
Db Fm    Gb          Db 
   I can say this 
Fm F   Gb 
I can say this 
Db         Gb            Db        Gb        Db 
     I can collect myself deep down and then come out punching 
         Fm    Gb 
I cannot let myself down 
I dont know what you knew 
    F   Fm          Gb    Db 
and I'll scream out loud 
    Fm  Gb 
scream out loud 
Oooh yeah 

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