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Do You Know What I Love The Most


Intro: B  A C#m Ebm E Ebm(hold) 

verse 1: 
B                  C#m 
Do you know what I love the most?  
E                          B 
Even suburbs would be okay With you  
   G#m     C#m            F# 
between my sheets And the breeze  
       E      B             C#m 
in the window Cause we will go there  
      E                        B 
and ignore all our neighbors I think  
               G#m           C#m  F# 
I'll bring you breakfast and play Johnny  
Cash on the stereo  

C#m Ebm Oh world I'll sit in the lazy B G#m E chair all day remembering the things you F# E do So when you come home I'll jump B G#m F# E B G#m F# E up to kiss you whoa
verse 2: B G#m and it will knock you back You'll F# E B fall over our TV set I'll pick you up and G#m F# E B dust you off Oh Baby let's give it a go G#m F# E I'll kiss your thighs to make you feel all B G#m F# E right And then I'll get closer to taste A little
B G#m F# E B sweat Oh I think I'm rearing to go G#m F# E You're gonna get knocked out and tied up B G#m F# E in my trunk In ten years we'll go to B G#m F# E B Ohio whoa and steal Cadillac's for a living B A C#m Ebm E Ebm B(hold) yeah alright

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