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Daybreak I Somehow You Love Me


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Intro: Ab Fm e|----------------|--------------------------------| B|----------------|-----0-1-------------1-1--------| G|-----5-5----3-1-|-------------3-1------------3-1-| D|----------------|--------------------------------| A|----------------|--------------------------------| E|-4-4------4-----|-1-1------1------1-1------1-----|
Ab My heart is gone It drove to the shore Fm Swam out in the night way out pass the lines Ab I heard that now it lives Fm in the south of west central Spain drinking off the pain Ab Cause inside I'm broke I'm cracked I'm alone Fm No hope for a change no way to erase Ab The world would be better without me Fm So how could this be? Ab Fm Somehow you love me Ab Fm somehow you loved me Ab somehow you loved me

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