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Don't Go To Strangers

( Redd Evans, Arthur Kent and Dave Mann)

A7M         A            Dm5-/7   D7 
Build your dreams to the stars above, 
     A7M      A       Em7    F#7 
But when you need someone to love, 
Bm7          Dm7        E7              A  F#m B7 Bm7 E7 
Don't go to strangers, darling, come to me. 
A7M         A            Dm5-/7   D7 
Play with fire till your fingers burn, 
    A7M          A            Em7    F#7 
And when there's no place for you to turn, 
Bm7          Dm7        E7     Bm5-/7 E7 A  Cdim  A 
Don't go to strangers, darling, come to me. 

             Em7         A7        Em7          A7 
For when you hear a call to follow your heart, 
       D            A7      Fdim   D 
You'll follow your heart, I know. 
     F#m7            B7       F#m7       B7 
I've been through it all, for I'm an old hand, 
    F#m7        B7        Bm7 Fdim 
And I'll understand if you go, so, 
A7M         A            Dm5-/7     D7 
Make your mark for your friends to see, 
    A7M      A              Em7       F#7 
But when you need more than company, 
Bm7          Dm7       E7       Bm7  Bm5-/7 Fdim E7  A 
Don't go to strangers, Darling  
Bm7  Bm5-/7 Fdim E7  A7M  A  Cdim  Bm5-/7  A6 
Come        to      me. 

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