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Detour Ahead

( Herb Ellis, John Frigo, and Lou Carter)

Cm7   F#7/13  B7 
Smooth road, clear day  
Fm7     Em7  Am         D7                 Dm7  G7  
But why am I the only one trav'ling this way  
Gm7                   C7                          Fm7 A#7/13  
How strange the road to love should be so easy  
Cm7               Am7      G#7/13 Dm7 G7  
Can there be a detour ahead  
Cm7 F#7/13 B7  
Wake  up,  slow down  
    Fm7     Em7         Am  
Before you crash and break your heart  
D7          Dm7 G7  
Gullible clown  
Gm7                   C7                  Fm7        A#7/13  
 You fool, you're headed in the wrong direction  
Cm7               Am  F#m7  
Can't you see the detour ahead 
B7      Em  
The further you travel  
      B7                              Em7  
The harder to unravel the web  
                   F#m7      B7  
She spins around you  
Turn back while there's time  
Can't you see the danger sign 
        Em7             C#7/13  
Soft shoulders surround you  
Cm7    F#7/13   B7  
Smooth road,   clear night  
Fm7  Em7      Am   
Oh lucky me that suddenly   
D7           Dm7 G7  
I saw the light  
Gm7               C7                    Fm7    A#  
I'm turning back away from all this trouble  
Cm7    E7      Am7      D#9  
Smooth road, smooth road  
     D7     G7sus G7  Cm7 
No detour          ahead 

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