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Sarah McLachlan


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Good Enough

(Sarah McLachlan)

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A5  A  Asus4  A 
Hey your glass is empty  
        E                           D 
it's a hell of a long way home  
why don't you let me take you  
          F#m              D 
it's no good to go alone 
Bm                         F#m  
I never would have opened up  
             D                          E 
but you seemed so real to me 
Bm              F#m  
after all the bullshit I've heard  
      D                        E 
it's refreshing not to see 
I don't have to pretend 
       Aaug                            A       A5  A 
she doesn't expect it from me  
                     D                             F#m 
Don't tell me I haven't been good to you 
                     D                          F#m  
don't tell me I have never been there for you  
don't tell me why 
                 A           E  
nothing is good enough  
A                                    A5      A 
Hey little girl would you like some candy  
        E                                  D 
your momma said that it's OK  
A                                   A5         A 
The door is open come on outside  
     F#m                     D 
no I can't come out today  
Bm                            F#m         
it's not the wind that cracked your shoulder  
       D                           E 
and threw you to the ground  
Bm                                      F#m 
who's there that makes you so afraid  
            D                    E 
you're shaken to the bone 
and I don't understand  
        Aaug                                    A     A5  A  
you deserve so much more than this  
So don't tell me why  
he's never been good to you  
don't tell me why  
he's never  been there for you  
don't you know that why  
                      A           E 
is simply not good enough  
so just let me try  
and I will be good to you  
just let me try  
and I will be there for you  
I'll show you why  
                                             A          E 
you're so much more than good enough...  
repeat x2 
Contribuição: Marcos Vinicius Alves Barbosa([email protected]) 

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