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The Matches Acordes

Sammy Kershaw

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The Matches

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	  Intro;  D  Bm  Em  G  A 
D                           Em            
We met at the Broken Spoke restaurant and lounge 
G                             Em                A 
I lit your cigarette and you wrote your number down 
        D                              Bm 
On the inside of a matchbook that was laying on the bar 
       G            Em        A             D 
And a fire started burning somewhere in my heart 
D                                Bm 
I didn't see it coming, guess I didn't see the signs 
G                                    Em             A 
I just never thought you'd leave me after all this time 
     D                            Bm   
But today when I came home my key was hollow in the door 
           G              Em              A 
There was nothing but a worn out book of matches on the  

G Em A You took the bed, you took the dishes and the car D Bm And you broke my trust, you took advantage of my heart A A G Bm And you left me here with empty rooms and walls with A D G holes, scars and scratches Em F#m G A If I find the strength to burn your memory down, at least D you left the matches
Turnaround; D Bm Em G A Verse; D Bm The colors old and faded, the covers worn and stained G Em But I can still make out the numbers and the heart beside A your name D Bm Until tonight they'd only lit a single cigarette G Em A D Now one by one I'm striking them to help me to forget Bridge; Bm A G And everybody at the Broken Spoke Bm A G They all thought my crazy story was a joke Bm A G Now they're all out in the parking lot staring at the smoke Chorus; Tag; Bm A G Baby all that's left of our love now is ashes A Thank god you left the matches Turnaround; D Bm Em G A End

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