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Still Loving You Acordes

Sammy Kershaw


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Still Loving You

	  (Capo first verse only, Strum chorus and verse 2) 
G                            C  
I thought you might want to stay...  
C                G  
If I put my guitar away...  
G                                  D  
Quit the band and came home to stay...  
D                        G      D  
But, that wouldn't do...  
  G             C  
And this ol' guitar of mine...  
C                      G  
used to easy my troubled mind...  
G                   D  
But, now everyday I find...  
D                  G G D  
It's lonesome too... 
           G                             C  
Here I go again,  blowin my show again,  
               D                            G G G G D  
Unable to go again, Still loving you,  
                  G                                        C  
Loosing my hope again, at the end of my rope again,  
                D                               G G D  
Unable to cope again,  Still loving you 
Verse 2(strum)  
I must have been a million miles,  
I must have faked a million smiles,  
                     D                                 G G G G D...  
Just can't get reconciled, to be without you.  
And I like to start again,  
Replay my part again,  
                       D                                          G G G G D...  
Not break your heart again, Can't stand these blues. 

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