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Maybe Not Tonight Acordes

Sammy Kershaw

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Maybe Not Tonight

    E                  A 
1.  You don't touch me anymore 
2.  We don't talk much anymore 
1.  You never say the words I love you 
2.  Not the same way we used to 
1.  You just sit behind your paper 
2.  Whenever I reach out to hold you 
1.  Silence cuts me like a razor 
2.  You turn away what am I supposed to do 
                 C#m   D 
1.  I'm going to leave you 
2.  I'm gonna say good-bye 
          C#m     F#m 
1.  Maybe someday soon 
2.  When the moments right 
               D            E 
1.  When I can give up this fight 
2.  Like an eagel I will fly 
1.  But maybe not tonight 
2.  But maybe not tonight 

Asus C#m D C#m D Can you just hold me, in your arms so deep, C#m F#m Wanna feel you breathing on my skin Bm E We fell out of love, we can fall back in
F Bb 3. You never look at me that way (So many times i've long to say) Gm You used to brush the hair back from my face (God how I miss those days) Cm7 (You used to make me feel like someone) Tell me where did we go wrong (You were my best friend my one and only love) Your stil the only one Dm Gm Dm Gm 4. Just as i'm leaving you, you walk in the room Cm7 I see the flicker in your eyes F Bb We say maybe not tonight (We say maybe not tonight) Bb Dm Gm Dm Gm Can you just hold me in your arms so deep Dm Gm Wanna feel you breathin' on my skin C7 We feel out of love (How did we fall out of love) F Maybe we could fall back in

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