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Louisiana Hot Sauce Acordes

Sammy Kershaw


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Louisiana Hot Sauce

Little Susanna, down in Louisiana, pretty as she can be 
All the boys want her, they even say she's gonna but she don't want nobody but me 
Now I'm a lucky fellow, 'cause they all try to tell her, girl you better leave him alone 
But none of them can see what she sees in me, she loves me way down to the bone 
       D                                                         C 
She'll sit around and tease 'em, tell 'em she can please 'em but I know that she's taking me home 

G Well well well, she's Louisiana Hot Sauce, hotter than a fireball, smoother than strawberry wine G She's lookin' good as I've seen, strollin' in her tight jeans, drivin' me out of my mind C Believe me there's no other that comes in up above her, she knocks me right down to my knees G Well I know I could never have it any better, she spins me like a washing machine D C And every time I hold her, man I start to smolder when she pours her lovin' on me G She's Louisiana Hot Sauce
Fiddle break Guitar break Piano break Chorus Chorus She's Louisiana Hot Sauce Louisiana Hot Sauce

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