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Intro: Am F C E  

verse 1 

Back then it almost felt, 
Heaven sent 
With slow dancing models 
In a child's ornament 
      Am                          F 
Kept spinning our heads full of stars 
Don't know what we had 
But we knew it was ours 
         Am                         F 
With one hand on the small of her back 
    C                      E 
The other in hers, as we moved to the track 
           Am                      F 
That was playing in our heads all along 
      C                 E 
The symphony silent, a beautiful song 

       F                                 C 
We were lovers, we were doomed from the start 
       E                           Am 
It was all broken clockwork, the dancers both fall apart 
     F                    E           Am 
Maybe it was a dream, and I just woke up 

F C E      Am F C E 

verse 2 

    Am                        F 
The girl sits alone with her art 
Seems her words are the only way 
To mend her broken heart 
         Am                       F 
Like her life is the fiction not found 
          C                   E 
Her real image in writing is staring straight back 
       Am                  F 
Her protagonist has broken hope 
     C                          E 
The typewriter pause, then the words come out slowly 
      Am                      F 
Like teardrops, fall on the page 
       C                    E 
In an instant her soul, released from its cage 

She wrote 

You were laying there dying, 
Like the end of a western 
       E                       Am 
Saying tell me what Europe is like 
       F                        E                  Am 
I said tell me yourself, we can go when you feel right 

F C E      Am F C E 

verse 3 

        Am                        F 
At the coast, every star seems so near 
         C                            E 
But you wouldn't know each, had been gone all those years 
        Am                    F 
And the ocean rose on like a dream 
      C                    E 
And into the distance, forever it seems 


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