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Wild Flowers Acordes

Ryan Adams



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Wild Flowers

by Ryan Adams  
Implied chords: 
D: XX0323 
Dadd9: XX0320 
Dmaj7: XX0220 
Em: 022000 
D/F#: 2X023X 
G: 30003X 
Gmaj7  300032 
G6  300000 
Gm: 355333 
Dm: XX0231 
C: X32010 
A: X03330 
(D)Poor girl, (D9 no ma 
(Dmaj7)Nothing much (D)to (Dmaj7)speak of 
(Em)But (D/F#)a (G)rough (Gmaj7)dia(G6)mond 
(Gm)Sleep now and angels will (D)come, dear 
Poor Matilda 
Handcuffed hard to the wheel 
And steering wildly  
Through loves field, so blindly  
(Dm)Forever only (C)takes it's toll on (G)some 
(G)But (A)to(Bm)night you're (A)sleeping (G)alone  
(Gmaj7)With(G6)out Him  
(A)To(Bm)night you're (A)sleeping (G)alone  
(Gmaj7)With(G6)out him 
And (Em6)everything went (Em)up (Em6)in  
Like (A)Wild(D/F#)flow(G)ers (Gmaj7) (G6) 
(A)Wild(D/F#)flow(G)ers, (Gmaj7)dear (G6) 
Poor girl, lonely 
Shuffles through the parade 
Of a sleepless circus promenade 
Hold on, dear 
Poor girl, no ma 
Sister steals her a coat 
For the windless breezes 
Sleep now and Jesus will come dear 
(repeat Chorus) 


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