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Growing Up

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G                                Cadd9             G 
Theres a fight to be won for the love you find at home  
G                                   Cadd9             G 
There is work to be done before you rest your weary bones  
G                             Cadd9        G 
Im finding peace dont come to everyone I know  
G                                     C       C   G 
So I will love in this life till I finally have to go  
G                                      C         C   G 
Said I would love in this life till I finally have to go 

Well I know I have lived just a wrinkle of my life  
And I hear so many times, itll be over when I blink twice  
So please forgive if I dont walk off that plank stuck in your eye  
Ive got my life to love and Im here to take what?s mine  

Growing up child is just a matter of time  
Forgiven all youve got so wont you dance under the sun  
Growing old feels like your giving up your soul  
And Id rather give it freely to the ones that I call home (repeat) 

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