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Hold Me

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	  C     F     Am                 

                 C              F       Am 
Hold me, Hold me now 
C       F       Am 
C       F      Am 
Take it as it comes ’ won’t slow down 
        C      F        Am 
We’re chasing down the sun ’ it’s you and me 
        C                  F           Am 
The night has just begun ’ so don’t fall asleep 
    C         F     Am                  C       F       Am 
If morning never comes ’ hold me now 

         C             F         Am 
I’ve wasted many days and many nights 
    C          F       Am 
I drank the pain away ’ but maybe that’s just 
C       F             Am 
How it’s supposed to be ’ you here with me 
        C               F         Am            C       F       Am 
The world can end today ’ hold me now 
C               F 
Hold me ’ just hold me 
Am                       G 
We don’t need - the morning 
C                  F 
Show me ’ tonight we 
Am              G 
Are finally ’ living 
C               F 
The lighting ’ is breaking 
Am              G 
Your body ’ is shaking 
C               F               Am 
Hold me ’ just hold me 
Hold me now 

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