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Night Life Acordes

Roy Orbison

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Night Life

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	  A                                 /B /C#  
When shadows fall, the day is done   
D						   /D /F#  
The mountain tops hide the setting sun   
E                             /E /Eb  D					  E   
The magic of the night is here,       for all young lovers far and near   
Night life, ooh la la la, stars coming out to play   
D				    A                              
Night life, rah rah rah rah, see how they light the milky way   
       E               A  
At the end of day, mmm nite life   
Night life, aye aye aye aye look at the moon above   
Night life, ma ma ma ma, it's time to fall in love   
Yeah, so come on, mmm nite life   
E                        C#m   
Night life, no need to be blue   
A                                    B7  
The moon and the stars are belong to you   
E                    C#m                       
Night life is so much fun   
A                                B7    E  E7  
when you're in love, and love is young   
Night life tra la la la, laughing and painting the town   
Night life, ha ha ha ha, it's just a merry go round   
When the sun goes down, mmm nite life  


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