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Sophisticated Lady Acordes

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Sophisticated Lady


Fdim Em         C7   B7 Bb7  A7          D 
They say into your early    life romance came 
  A7     D7  C#7  C7    B7       E7  
And in this heart of yours burned a flame 
         A6    A   A6   A   A7  D   Cdim  A7 
A flame that flick-ered one day and died away 
Em           C7 B7 Bb7  A7        D 
Then, with disillusion   deep in your eyes 
 A7          D7  C#7   C7   B7      E7 
You learned that fools in love soon grow wise. 
          A6    A   A6  A    A7 D     F#m  G#   
The years have changed you somehow I see you now 

C#7         Bbm 
Smoking and drinking,  
F#     G#7        C#7 Fdim   F#    F#m  G# 
Never thinking of tomorrow, nonchalant 
C#7        Bbm 
Diamonds shining  
Gdim     G#7              C# Fdim  F#m 
Dancing, dining with some man in a restaurant 
   A7            G7 
Is that all you really want 
Em       C7   B7  Bb7 A7         
No, Sophistcated Lady 
   D    A7               D7  C#7  C7   B7      E7 
I know     you miss the love you lost long ago 
              A7/13-  A7         
And when nobody is nigh, you cry 
     Em7 G/B D7M 
You cry, you cry 

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