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You Are The Love Of My Life Acordes

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You Are The Love Of My Life

Db                  Ab/D 
You are the love of my life 
Db/Bb                 Db/Ab 
You are the hope that i cling to 
Gb2                Gb9/Ab                             Db 
You mean more than this world to me 
Db                                                     Ab/D 
I wouldn't trade you for silver or gold 
Db/Bb                                               Db/Ab 
I wouldn't trade you for riches untold 
Gb2             Gb9/Ab                           Db             
You are, you are my everything 

Db/F                     Bbm7         Ebm          Gb/Ab  Db   
I would not take one step without you, see i could never go alone 
Gb                                         Db/F                  Bbm7 
I could not live one day without you, jesus 
Db9/F                  Gb                           Gb/Ab       Ab 
You see i don�t have the strength to make it on my own. 

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