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I see the Lord Acordes

Ron Kenoly


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I see the Lord

Áño: 1994 - Álbum: We Offer Praises

A          D  D/F# 
I see the Lord 
I see the Lord 
  A     Bm            F#m 
Exalted high upon the worship 
        G             A 
Of the people of the earth 
           D  D/F# 
I see the Lord 
I see the Lord 
A  Bm                 F#m 
My eyes have seen the King 
    G               Bm 
The Lamb upon the throne 
             G/A A D 
Who reigns forevermore 
      D          A/C# 
The train of His robe 
          Bm    F#m 
Fills the temple 
    G                D 
A cloud of heavenly worshipers 
   Bm             A 
Surrounding His throne 
    G              A 
We join with them now crying 
 F#4 F# Bm         G 
"Holy holy is the Lamb 
    D/F#   A 
The Lamb alone" 
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