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Looking For You Acordes

Rodney Crowell

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Looking For You

Walk the streets until my heart hits the ground 
There’s no relief whenever you’re not around 
I hit the taverns where we both used to go 
But it don’t help me when the nights moving slow  

        B                D#m             C#  
And I’m looking for you, looking for you 

I search the city for the girl I once knew 
It’s such a pity there is no one like you 
I’ve tried to see my way to forget your name 
I turned to strangers but it’s still not the same 

B (Just looking for you) The heart of this town D#m (Looking for you) You’ll know we’re around B (Looking for you) The still of the night D#m (I’m looking for you) You’ll know we’re in sight
Instrumental verse B D#m I can see you in the shadows B D#m I can hear you when the wind blows B D#m If it’s all I ever do B D#m C# I’ll keep looking out for you Exchanging glances from a sidewalk café So many chances but you don’t look my way I search the windows for this face I can’t find Can’t seem to drive your memory out of my mind
Chorus +: (Looking for you) The village below (Looking for you) Where did you go? (Looking for you) The east and west side (Looking for you) Where did you hide
by: José Duarte [email protected]

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