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Bluebird Wine Acordes

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Bluebird Wine

	  Bluebird Wine 

Baby brought me in out off the highway  
Made me put my money in the bank  
Straightened out my crooked way of thinking  
Made it purely pleasure when I drank   

G        C          G  
And it's all right now  
C                 G  
I've just hit my stride  
C               G  
Right off the bat            
C                   G  
I'm drunk on Bluebird Wine   

Baby taught me a diff'rent way of thinkin'  
Like how to spend my evenings here at home  
List'ning to the music on the radio  
Drinking all the Bluebird we can hold   

And it's all right now  
I've just hit my stride  
Right off the bat I'm drunk on Bluebird wine   

Baby says she'd really love a party  
We'll get some friends together feelin' fine  
Any friend of mine is worth his habit  
A belly full of baby's Bluebird Wine   

And it's all right now  
I've just hit my stride  
The party's just started lord  
And I'm drunk on Bluebird wine 

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