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Love Is Acordes

Rod Stewart



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Love Is

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	  Intro: C    G    C    D    C    G D Em  C   G 

verse 1: 
           C                    G 
And so you come to me with your questions 
     C                         G 
On a subject on which I'm well versed 
            C                          G     D    Em 
Though I'm still as dumbfounded as the first time I found her, 
     C                      G 
It's either a blessing or a curse 

           C                G 
Although I cannot offer solutions 
            C                 G 
It would be reckless of me to try 
         C                   G     D    Em 
Cos it's mystified man, ever since time began 
    C                            D 
But hold on to your hat and I'll try 

C G Love is like, a burning arrow C D It can pierce, the coldest heart C G Love is warm, love is patient C D G And the craziest thing you'll ever start Alright!
(Instrumental) C G D Em C G D Em verse 2 C G I recall when I was a young man, C G A day I'm never allowed to forget C G D Em There was a girl that I met who i dreamed I would wed C G Forever I lodged in it, so hot C G She said 'you gotta stop worrying 'bout the future' C G 'You know you're much to young for that' C G D Em 'I wanna spread my wings like a willow in the spring' C G I never saw her pretty face again
C G Love is life, love is yearning C D It does not boast, but speaks the truth C G Love is fair and knows no boundaries C D G And the craziest thing you'll ever do Oh, yeah!
(Instrumental) C G D Em C G D Em verse 3: C G I wish you well in all of your travels C G And may you find what you're searching for C G D Em It'll hit you like thunder when you find one another C G And stay in your heart forevermore
C G Love is like a four-leaf clover C D Hard to find and hold onto C G Love is blind, love is tender C D G And the craziest thing you'll ever do So crazy!
Outro: C G D Em

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