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I Wish You Love Acordes

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I Wish You Love

(Charles Trener)

Intro: Dm7 Dm7/G G7 C Fm7 Bb9 C7M                              

 Gdim       Dm       D7M        Dm7    G7    
I wish you bluebirds    in the spring 
             C7M   Am7            C7M     Am7 
To give your heart     a song to sing, 
            Dm7  Dm7/G               Dm6  Fdim             C    Em5-/7 
And then a kiss,      but more than this,      I wish you love. 
Gdim     Dm   Dm7+       Dm7    G7 
And in July        a lemonade 
            C7M  Am7             C7M     Am7 
To cool you in      some leafy glade; 
             Dm7  Dm7/G               Dm6   G7           Gm7   Gdim 
I wish you health,     and more than wealth   I wish you love. 
            F7M          Fm7    Bb9 
My breaking heart and I agree 
            Em7  G/B               Gdim 
That you and I         could never be, 
           Dm7                        D9                           G7 
So with my best   my very best    I set you free. 
Gdim        Dm     Dm7+          Dm7    G7 
I wish you shelter     from the storm, 
        C7M Am7               C7M     Am7 
A cozy fire      to keep you warm, 
             Dm7                 Dm7/G G7            C    Fm7  Bb9   C7M                              
But most of all, when snowflakes fall,   I wish you love. 

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