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Ricky Skaggs


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A Simple Life

Capo en el 2º traste
Intro Chords: 
D A G G A 
D A  
I live a simple life 
G A 
I work all day I sleep all night 
D A  
A couple kids that need a nap 
G A  
Big dog and a little cat 
Bm A G 
Wife that barks but rarely bites 
A D A G G A 
So I live the simple life 
I live a simple life 
A good coat when the cold winds bite 
Leather boots for my bare feet 
Now and then a steak to eat 
I pick with the boys on Friday night 
So I live a simple life 
Bm A G My favorite book was wrote about a man that died to save my soul Bm A G And my favorite thing to hear is Daddy, I m so glad you home Bm A G E7 And my favorite woman is 5 3 with long black hair and green eyes G A D Still I live a simple life
Instrumental I live a simple life Couple of friends I really like A little house outside of town An old car that gets me around Complications may arise But I live a simple life And I live a simple life Cell phone when my old car dies The Internet to show me where GPS to get me there Everywhere there s satellites Oh I live a simple life (Chorus)

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