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Real Love Acordes

Richie Furay

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Real Love

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	  Real Love 
C        G 
Some say love is a 50/50 thing 
Half from me, half from you 
And there?s nothing else that we need to bring 
Not from me, not from you 
Am                        G 
And so we give each other half of lives 
Am             G  
And hope we survive 
Bm		      C 
Until my half is not enough for you 
Csus                     D 
And pretty soon is over, whatever happened to I do 
G           C  
I know of a real love 
G           D 
I know of a very real love 
G           C 
I know of a real love 
          G               D       G  
When that heartache comes falling down 
You just can?t believe what some people say 
Just listen how they talk that way 
They say love is not worth the price you pay 
And it never was, until not today 
And so we give each other half a heart 
And think it?s alright 
And wonder why, when they?re fallin apart 
They just don?t get it, they?re crying all night 
D                           Em                   D 
Lonely hearts left alone to battle it out in the night 
           C					     Em 
They don?t know what it means, they don?t know about love 
D                            Em    D 
Torn apart, looking for some way out 
by: José Duarte 
[email protected] 


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