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Middle Of Nowhere

Capo en el 1er traste

Intro: D    A/C#  Bm    G     D 

Well, I come from the middle of nowhere  
But I had big plans for getting outta there  
So when dreams came calling  
D               G              A 
I went chasing down that road 
And here I am strutting down these city streets  
A yellow brick road beneath my feet 
         G                 D 
Ohh, but sometimes in this skyline view  
G            A 
All I see is me and you  

    G                 A          D 
And cotton fields and dusty dirt roads  
  G                  A                Bm            Bm/A 
Driving fast in my daddy's truck and taking it slow  
         G             D/F#         Em 
With the summer breeze tangling our hair 
         G                 A          D 
All those nights we spent moonlight talking  
    G                 A        Bm   Bm/A 
Holding hands and barefoot walking  
  G               D/F#             Em 
And never letting go that was are prayer  
D/F#       G 
Back when we could see forever 
A                    D     A/C# 
 From the middle of nowhere 

I ain't been home in quite a while 
But thinking back I crack a smile 
          G                       D 
I bet ol' Eddy still racing his Chevell 
    G                   A 
And Ricky's raising hell 
And here I am sitting in an uptown bar 
With big wigs big money and big cigars 
        G              D  
Oh, but who's to say who's got it made 
     G                A 
The one who left or those who stayed 

       G              A           D 
Where everybody knows everybody's name 
                 G                   A             Bm        Bm/A 
Where the whole town shuts down for Friday night football games 
       G         D/F#                 Em   
Spend Saturday circling 'round the square 
           G                  A              D 
Where your next of kind lives just down the road 
       G              A                Bm             Bm/A 
And church on Sunday morning seems to lighten up the load 
         G          D/F#              Em   D/F# 
Yea, I left a lot behind when I left there 
But my roots will live forever 
A                  D 
 In the middle of nowhere 

     Bm                 A 
Well I ride the wings of my dreams 
Until I see them through 
         Bm                  A               G 
Then I won't slow down till my hometown is coming into view 
       Em                D/F#             G 
'Cause my baby's dream is winding up back there 

Where I'll settle down forever 
A                  D       Bm 
 In the middle of nowhere 
Someday my bones will rest forever 
A                  D   A/C#   Bm   G 
 In the middle of nowhere 

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