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One Song Glory

	  Intro G  Em  C  D  Em 

G        Em              C      D 
  One song glory. One song before I go. Glory 
One song to leave behind 
   C          D          Em 
Find     one song,    one last Refrain 
                 C     D 
Glory from the pretty boy front man 
  Em        G 
Who wasted opportunity. One song 
He had the world at his feet 
Em               C      D  Em 
Glory in the eyes of a young girl, a young girl 
 G                     Em 
Find glory beyond the cheap colored lights 
One song before the sun sets 
C     D       Em       C 
Glory     on another empty life 
   D    Em       G 
Time Flies, time dies 
 Am       C       G          Am 
Glory--------------- one blaze of 
 C  G          Am  C  G 
Glory. One blaze of glory 
D      Em   Cmaj7 
   G                  Em 
Find glory in a song that rings true 
Em                 C     D        Em 
Truth like a blazing fire. An eternal flame 
G                 Em 
Find one song, a song about love 
                C     D 
Glory from the soul of a young man 
A young man 
  C         D 
Find the one song 
Before the virus takes hold, glory like a sunset 
C       D       Em7          Am 
   One song   to redeem this empty life 
Am   C   G                     Am 
Time flies, and then no need to endure anymore 

 C  G  A 
Time dies 

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