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Come On Over Acordes

Reckless Kelly

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Come On Over

	  E                      A 
Lately I've been goin' crazy 
A                                     E 
I can't seem to find a way to make it go 
I feel so jaded 
A                              E 
What's come over me I'll never know 
        D   A     E 
But the sun comes up 
      D       A        E 
And I drive a truck to work 
  D       A           E 
I stumble through the day 
   D           A     E 
My boss thinks I'm a crook 
F#m                                  A                       
And I'm thinkin' things might be all right, if you could 

D A Come on over D F#m Come on over D A E Come on over tonight
I woke up with another hangover I stayed up way too late, it's a big old shame It's not this mainly I wake up every day feelin' just the same Because I played all night in a rockin' rollin' band I slip the sunglasses on God, I hope you understand And I'm thinkin' things are gonna be just fine, if you could Chorus Bridge: F#m A If there ever was a time it should be now B A G F#m A E Let's stop and turn this train around Solo Well I got to wonderin' Just how my life got so out of control From out of nowhere Standin' right outside on my front porch And when I saw your face Spread peace all around And there was nothin' on this earth That could ever bring me down And I'm thinkin' things are gonna be just fine, now that you've Come on over Come on over Come on over tonight Come on over tonight

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