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I Love You Oddly Acordes

Rebecca Angel



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I Love You Oddly


D                     A 
The only thing that I dream of 
       G                        D 
Is for you to be dreaming of me. 
D                         A 
And the only thing that I long for 
       G                       D 
Is for you to long obsessively. 

A                         Bm 
Doesn't everybody want to be adored? 
A                         Bm 
Sometimes that's all we're looking for. 
Even though, I know 
       Em                A 
There's so much more to love. 

D                         A 
I try not to laugh at the people 
         G                         D 
Who think love is a beautiful dance. 
D                        A 
But she keeps losing the rhythm. 
    G                        D 
And he got a rip in his pants. 

A                        Bm 
It's keeping together stroke by stroke. 
       A               Bm 
In the sea of possibility. 
A                         E7 
And trying not to let the other drown. 
A                    A7 
We get distracted so easily. 

D A G D D A G D 
A Bm A B7 A E7 A A7 

D                      A 
This is a very strange love song, 
     G                      D 
But, hey, it was written by me. 
D                               A 
And if there's one thing you've learned by now. 
      G                   D 
It's I love you, but oddly. 
D                          A 
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you 
G                   D 
I love you, but oddly. 

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