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Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother Acordes

Ray Wylie Hubbard



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Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother

E              A           
He was born in Oklahoma, 
    B7                              E 
His wife's name's Betty Lou Thelma Liz 

E                                       A 
And he's not(re)sponsible for what he's doin? 

           B7                      E 
'Cause his mother made him what he is. 

E A And it?s Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother, B7 E Mother, who has raised her son so well. E A He's thirty-four and drinkin? in a honky tonk B7 E Just kicking hippie?s asses and raising hell.
E A Sure does like his Falstaff beer, B7 E Likes to chase it down with that Wild Turkey liquor E A Drives a fifty-seven GMC pickup truck B7 E He's got a gun rack, "Goat roper needs love too" sticker Chorus E A B7 E (2x) E A ?M? is for the mudflaps you give me for my pickup truck B7 E ?O? is for the Oil I put on my hair E ?T? is for T-bird A ?H? is for Haggard B7 ?E? is for eggs, and E ?R? is for REDNECK.

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