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While It Still Beats Acordes

Ray Lamontagne



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While It Still Beats

verse 1 

F#                F 
So ends the game  so ends the chase 
Bb                                Eb 
There's only one way to get out of this race 
C            F 
There is no second place 
Bb                     Bb 
If you don't give them every ounce 
Bb                   Bb 
They'll cut it out  while it still beats 

verse 2 

F#                  F 
You close the wound I bite the blade 
Bb           Eb 
Lie my dying body in the shade 
C               F 
Take my boots and the bullets from my gun 
Bb         Bb 
Point me towards the sun 
Bb         Bb 
Point me towards the sun 


F#  F  Bb  Eb  C  F  Bb  Ab 

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