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No Place Like Home Acordes

Randy Travis


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No Place Like Home

	  Randy Travis 
No Place Like Home 
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Intro pattern e----------O------------ b------3-----3---------- g----2---2-----2-------- d--O-------------O------ a----------------------- E-----------------------
Verse: D Well theres my easy chair just sittin there G D I've spent a lot a time thinkin of this perfect love E A I know is yours and mine D And oh how I love that ol picture on the wall G walk E of you and me and the kids G A D G my most favorite time in a life D A D G A i've spent right here where we live Chorus: D G D G There's no place like home D A D G A there's no place like home D G D G it just hit me as I was leaving D A D there's no place like home Verse 2: From the bedroom I smell perfume my favorite kind you wore and it brings back memories of all those nights behind our bedroom door and the saddest thing i think i've ever seen was my closet all cleaned out it's sad to think one must leave cause we can't work things out Chorus G C G C So baby say that I can stay A D for just a day or so G C G C Then maybe I can change your mind A D so i won't have to go D just look into these baby blues G walk E and tell me its ok G A D G I love that smile it drives me wild D A D G A no love won't die today Chorus: D G D G Theres no place like home D A D Theres no place like home

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