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Randy Travis

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Horse Called Music

Capo en el 1er traste
C         Am          F          C  
High on a mountain in western Montana 
Am           C              G 
A silhouette moves across a cinnamon sky 
C      Am         F              C  
Riding along on a horse he calls music 
       Am          C           G           C 
With a song on his lips, and a tear in his eye 
C              Am          F         C  
He dreams of a time, and a lady that loved him 
Am               C                   G 
and how he would sing her sweet lullaby?s 
C                 Am              F           C     
but we don?t ever ask him, and he never talks about her 
Am               C           G             C 
I guess its just better that we all let it slide 
F C And he sings Oooh to the ladies F C and Oooh he makes 'em sigh C Am F C Then he rides away on a horse he calls Music Am C G C With a pain in his heart, and a tear in his eye
Now he rode the Music from Boston to Bozeman For not too much money, and way too much ride But those were the days when a horse he called Music Could jump through the moon and fly across the sky Now all thats left is an old time worn cowboy With only his dreams of the days long gone by And trailin behind is a horse with no rider A horse he calls Memories that she used to ride Chorus High on a mountain in western Montana Two crossed cut through a cinnamon sky Marking the place where a horse he called Music Lays with a cowboy there by his side

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