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Plastic Girl (hidden Track) Acordes

Randy Rogers



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Plastic Girl (hidden Track)

	  Plastic Girl 
Randy Rogers 

Well I knew I had to have her so I sent off in the mail 
I saw her picture in that magazine 
And when the postman brought her, I thrilled as I blew up 
The prettiest plastic girl you’d ever seen 
I called the new girl Wendy and Wendy blew my mind 
Figgered that I’d keep her around 
    G                          D 
Her plug kept her inflated and when I had it in 
    A                             D 
But when I pulled it out she’d go down 

G D She’s a life sized, wife sized, full grown blow up plastic girl, nothin’s missin’ G D A Yeah she never had a headache, she ain’t got bad breath when we’re kissin’ G Yeah she’s there when you need her, she’s more than just a friend D G And her skin is as smooth as a pearl D A D She’s a life sized, wife sized, full grown blow up plastic girl
Well I didn’t tell nobody cept my best friend Earl You can’t trust just anyone you see When I’d come home late at night all tired from makin’ pizzas Wendy, she’d be waitin there for me One night I came home anxious with Wendy on my mind And it broke my heart in two when I walked in And I found the one I’d always thought would always be just mine Layin there with Earl my best friend Chorus I never dreamed that Wendy would be the cheatin’ kind I never figgered Earl would let me down But you don’t know what can happen in these modern mixed up times Cause there’s a lot of wierdos runnin’ ‘round

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