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Love Story Acordes

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Love Story

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	  A                    D 
I like your brother, I like your mother 
E                  A       D   E  
I like you and you like me too 
A                     D 
We'll get a preacher, I'll buy a ring 
E                          Fsus4 
We'll hire a band with an accordion 
A violin and a tenor who can sing 
A F# You and me you and me, baby Bm E You and me you and me you and me, baby (2X)
We'll have a kid or maybe we'll rent one He's got to be straight we don't want a bent one He'll drink his baby brew from a big brass cup Someday he may be president if things loosen up Chorus C#m G#m I'll take the train into the city ev'ry mornin' C#m G#m You may be plain I think you're pretty in the mornin' F#m C#m And some nights we'll go out dancin' F#m C#m If i'm not too tired F#m C#m Some nights we'll sit romancin' Watching the late show by the fire When our kids are grown with kids of their own They'll send us away to a little home in Florida We'll play checkers all day Until we pass away by: José Duarte [email protected]

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