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Repeat Offender

	  Intro D A F#m E D A E  x2 

  Everyday she comes back to me 
F#m                  E 
  With that sad look on her face 
A                  F#m 
  Apologies I erase   Another 
morning after drinks 
  So many flags right in front 
     F#m               E 
of me   That color red I can't see 

D Afraid to talk Results are the E E same I feel trapped in this place
Instrumental D A F#m E D A E x2 A This used to be a home filled with F#m E love Now sadness fills every cup A Evacuate who was ever trained F#m E No procedures no plan in place A Nurse Jekyll Mrs. Hyde F#m E Her performance any given day A Add the chemical and she will explode F#m E Feed the monster collapse the home Guitar Solo D A E F#m D A E F#m D A E F#m then D E
A I know there's a way out E D But I was never taught A Let it all fail on its own E G A That's always been my way home
D A F#m E Mission complete no accolades D A E I'm still learning, maybe someday D A F#m E I can fill a home back up with love D A E Take that glass and smash it up
Outro D Afraid to talk Results are the same E G I gotta get out A of this place

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